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Skull phone cases now available on Aquari πŸ’€πŸŒ™β­οΈ

Adding these to the website later - Beaded bracelets; Hamsa, Sun, Moon, Elephant and Ohm βœŒοΈπŸŒ™β­οΈ
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Sun = cropped tees

So who likes our Mandala phone case? In white, silver or black design! Get buying now to receive a free cleaning cloth and screen protector!! #mandala #hamsa #phonecase #jewellery #handmade #bigcartel

Me and my Mandala iPhone 4 case in White! 25% off all cases when you buy two or more bracelets/anklets enter TWENTYFIVE at the checkout! 

Buy any 2 or more bracelets/anklets and receive 25% off of all our phonecases! Just enter TWENTYFIVE at the checkoutπŸ’«πŸŒœ
"Finding love in the 21st century is by far one of the most ridiculous processes ever. People are so complicated. You must play games. You must lie. You have to act like you don’t care even if you do. You have to date multiple people to keep the attention of that one because it’s generally just casual. You must be unavailable, because if you are too available, people get turned off.You have to ignore calls even if you want to pick up. Essentially, if you are a true lover, you have to resist everything that comes natural to you to play the fucking “game” that you idiots love to play. It changes everything for me to pretend like I don’t care. I actually stop giving a fuck."

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